Moselland eG – A Story of Success

A Story of Success

Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention and the beginning of an unprecedented success story. In the 19th century many individual growers in the region joined together out of economic necessity to form small winegrowing cooperatives. They aimed to work more efficiently by working together.

Merger of Regional Cooperatives

In 1968 sub-regional cooperatives of Ernst and Wehlen merged with Hauptkellerei Koblenz. In 1969 the Saar cooperative of Wiltingen joined to then form the largest wine cooperative in the German state of Rheinland-Pfalz.

The result was the creation of Moselland eG, originally named Zentralkellerei Mosel, Saar, Ruwer.

Cooperations for a Better Future

Since 2004 Moselland eG has worked together with Weingenossenschaft Nierstein (Rheinhessen) and Gebietswinzergenossenschaft Rietburg. The latter resulted in the merger with the Palatinate and Rheinhessen cooperative.

Moselland’s History:

  • 1968 Merger of sub-regional cooperatives to form Moselland eG
  • 2000 Integration of Nahe Winzer eG.
  • 2004 Aquisation of Gustav Adolf Schmitt Weinkellerei GmbH, Nierstein.
  • 2011 Merger with Weingenossenschaft Rietburg
  • 2012 Joint Venture with Weinland Rheingau eG
  • 2016 Merger with Weingenossenschaft Nierstein

Foto: Moselland’s History:.